1. Payment Structure

I request a *50% deposit of the balance, paid by Paypal Invoice up front, to cover costs such as design, site build cost, domain registration, hosting registration etc.

The remaining 50% is due before migrating the website to your host (development is done on my server).

*If you don’t have this amount available right away, we can agree on a more flexible payment plan, within the timeframe of the project.

All content will be in and you will have the logins and training to manage and update the site for yourself. If for any reason projects take over 8 weeks to complete (a typical project takes about 3 to 4 weeks), the final payment becomes due. This safeguards against the busier amongst you not giving me the communication I need to complete the project. I always strive to complete projects within the agreed timeframe, and your cooperation is important for them to be successful.

Non-payment of the final 50% can result in your materials or website not being delivered. I’m sure that it will not happen, but I have to inform you that all designs, and intellectual property, belong to me until the final amount is payed in full.

2. Hosting and Domain

If you are already using your own hosting and domain this is fine, but the hosting needs to have the following specifications:

  • Linux Hosting with PHP5 and 1 x MySQL Database.

What I need you to send:
FTP Host, FTP Username, FTP Password, MySQL Host, MySQL Database Name, MySQL Database Username, MySQL Database Password.

If you find it difficult to get this information, I can do this for you, I just need access to your Server Control Panel.

If you don’t have hosting or a domain, I can help you in finding a good hosting/domain company.

3. Revisions and Final Sign off

Usually 2 or 3 revisions are included in your final investment price (depending on budget and project), however when I provide you with a final concept, and it is approved, this will be final. This goes for Web Design, Graphic Design and Photography.

Regarding a website, your content will always change, but the overall website structure needs to stay as it is.

*An hourly rate will be applied, to all revisions outside the scope of the quote.

4. Content Defines Structure

Your content will define the site structure, so it’s very important that we talk about this first. A good content strategy, along with good usability and experience, avoids a cluttered website and makes your fans life’s much happier!

I can use some dummy content at first, but you should have this ready at the beginning of the project.

To start I need 3 blog posts, your bio or artists bios, your music, videos, contact information and whatever information you deem appropriate.

5. Content Upload

The number of pages you have will be decided at start, but just so that I don’t end up uploading the two volumes of “War and Peace” worth of content, I have put a duration on the number of hours I can upload content for you prior to launch.  That duration is 2 hours, but if you have more pages than that (lots of news for example) you will have all the training, user manual and admin logins for adding these yourself.

*Alternatively we can agree on a price upgrade for more content.

6. Files Delivery

All original files will be delivered after final payment is made. For Graphic Design and Photography, you will get previews in low-resolution, for Web Design I will work on my server and you will receive a link to see what is being made so we can discuss revisions. This is non-negotiable and it will save me a lot of headaches! I know most of you are honest and great people, but there are always those out there who aren’t.

7. Footer Credit

I require a link to my website on your website’s footer. This is a normal request, and it will help me to spread the word!

8. Support

Your website will be tested thoroughly before going live, by me and you, but I give 1 day of free support to help you adapt to this new venture of yours. After that you will have all the training and necessary documentation for managing it yourself.

*If you don’t want or have the time to do it, we can agree on a price for website management.

9. Be Happy and Go For It!

This is a great investment you are making, so please work with me and have fun doing so.  You are getting a custom-designed site, and brand design, to spread your message and Music with the World!

We are living exciting times! Never than before, have Independent artists been so much in control, of their own Music, and the way they present themselves, and connect with people and fans.

Be Bold! Be Great! Make something worth sharing!