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My Story

Paulo Barbosa is my name. I was born a few weeks before the Portuguese revolution of the 25th of April, in a beautiful seaside town called Cascais.

I was always a very creative and shy kid, a day dreamer lost in my own world.

At age 15 I started playing guitar, and it was like I had found my own voice. It was amazing!

I played with some bands even recorded an album, but life’s circumstances led me to Photography and then to Web and Design, my main body of work today.

But my love for Music continues strong…


What I can do for you

Either you are a Band, a solo Musician or wanting to create your own online Music academy, I have a solution for you! I’m a one-stop shop working with Print and Web to provide affordable solutions, in order for you to share what you love the most, Music!

I share the same passion as you for Music, and I will surely commit myself into helping you to connect and engage with your fans.

I’m a strong believer in empowering people, so I specialize in WordPress websites that allow my clients to update and manage their own content. My skills also extend to Design and Photography, to create a strong and cohesive brand, which is very important for the successful promotion of your Band and Music.

Although the Music Industry is my main focus, I welcome all interesting and creative projects. Filmmakers, Photographers, Artists, I will help you to create a strong brand, which your fans will love!

You can read the detailed description of my services here.


Who I want to work with

Independent Artists and Record Labels are my main focus, but again I embrace all interesting and creative projects.
Above all I want to work with people just as passionate about Music as I am, even more, to create long lasting meaningful work and relationships.

Do you want to change the World one song at a time? I welcome you!

Music, although, has an important part in our society, so I will be sure we are a match and that I share the same ideologies as you. I’m not a mercenary for hire, but a fellow human like you.

I look forward to help you share your gift, and your passion!